Domestic air source heat pumps (ASHP) are designed to produce heat by using less energy than conventional gas, oil or electric central heating and claim to be almost 4 times as efficient as more traditional methods of heating the home.

By adding an Air Source heat pump, you will be significantly reducing the amount of heat you gas boiler has to generate and therefore drastically reduce you gas utility costs.

Best used to replace or boost an old electric based heater, they are quite simple to install and, in general, ASHP’s are easy to maintain, only minimal attention should be required throughout the life of the unit.

Gas Boilers and Heat PumpsAir source heat pumps work by taking in air from the outside atmosphere and use it to extract its heat. AHSP’s can produce heat at surprisingly low temperatures. The UK energy savings trust remarks that air source heat pumps can extract heat from the air at temperatures as low as -15 degrees!

Air to water ASHP’S can best be used to boost central heating systems & save on the workload of your boiler

They are known to provide much longer delivery of heat at almost the same (slightly lower) temperatures as gas boilers. In colder months you will probably need to have them on full time.

Air to air ASHP’s use fans to circulate heat around your home, but don’t generate hot water – almost like a reverse air conditioning unit, but both are an excellent, efficient and renewable source for generating heat and lowering your home energy costs.

  • In most cases you won’t require planning permission in England or Scotland, but it’s prudent to speak with your local planning department.
What About Gas Boilers and Heat Pumps?