The traditional way of buying windows, doors and conservatories

Starting by inviting a salesperson in to your home is changing.

With the advent of the internet it is now relatively simple to obtain prices for double glazing and replacement upvc windows, doors and conservatories without the need for a salesperson.

Many people who wanted new windows hated the thought of an army of people invading their home often using high pressure sales tactics to obtain the business. The internet as given the buyer much more freedom of choice with online window, door and conservatory quotes and prices easily available from web pges like this one here:

 When obtaining online window quotations there are basically three methods.

  1. The first method of online window quotes is basically were you leave your contact details and the firm then contacts you directly with a price for your new windows or they arrange for an appointment to come and visit you and give you a price. With this method the firm is basically using the internet as a tool to obtain a lead and they are basically in control of the sales process not you.
  2. The second online window quoter method is basically were a internet marketing company obtains leads either through pay per click or search engine optimisation and then sells your contact details to local companies who then quote you for the work you want doing. Once again with this method the company not you is in charge of the sales process.
  3.  The third online window quoter method and in my view the best from a customers’ view point is where no contact details are necessary to access a online window quoter pricing tool, with this method it is simply a question of choosing designs for upvc windows, doors and conservatories and putting sizes in to the online window quoter to obtain prices. With this method because the online window quoter company is not employing a salesforce the prices are very competitive. Usually the online window quoter company can put you in touch with local installers if required.

Window & Door QuotesSavings using a online window quoter company can typically be in the region of 50%, Why so high? easy answer is that the salespersons wage typically 15% to 20% of the contract value and the surveyors 5% are saved. Office costs in employing a sales force and direct labour costs add to these savings in buying windows direct through a online window quoter system.

A major benefit of using an online window quoter company even if their salesperson as to visit later, is that there will be no hidden surprises you will have already obtained a realistic price for your new windows, doors or conservatory using the online window quoter tool provided.

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In my view the days of the pressure double glazing salesperson are numbered with the online window quoter tool. Quoting and buying double glazed windows doors and conservatories is now only a click away.

Online Window & Door Quotes. The Way Forward?