Thinking of Building a Conservatory Sunroom, Here’s Some Important Information to Consider

A sunroom is basically a conservatory with a conventional plastered ceiling or it could be called an extension with a lot of windows whichever way you look at it. The sunroom design may be a misnomer as the solid tile or slate actually blocks the sun rather than encouraging it into the home.

So what are the advantages/disadvantages over a conventional conservatory ceiling of glass or polycarbonate? A sunroom is a very different room from a conservatory, it does not experience the same climate changes as a glass roof conservatory and is generally the same temperature all year around, this may be a good thing for some people but for others hoping for some summer madness in January this will not be possible with a Sunroom.

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A sunroom is basically a house extension and performs like one, it will give you more space in your house, it will probably be warmer than your house if the most up to date insulating materials are used and it allows use in extreme weather conditions. The downsides should also be considered, the major one being light, this is so important as it not only affects your new room but also your existing home. A conventional ceiling will reduce the light in the inner rooms of your home.

Conservatory SunroomWhile roof lights help to increase light levels their benefit will generally only be enjoyed in the sunroom itself and not in the inner rooms of your home. So for those who do not enjoy artificial lighting in their living areas during the day, be very careful choosing between a sunroom and a conservatory. There are of course plenty of situations where the sunroom is a the perfect solution to extend your home.

– If there are currently no doors or windows in the area where you plan to build your sunroom then the new roof will not reduce the light levels inside, in fact the new access opening created will increase the light into the inside rooms.

– If the inside room has windows facing several aspects, then it enjoys natural light from several sources and will not suffer the same effects as those with a single aspect window.

There are two common methods of construction used, the traditional build using concrete or steel pillars and a tile or slate roof and the more modern building methods using an aluminium structure with a tile effect roof.

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Thinking of Building a Conservatory Sunroom?