Garden Conservatory Better Than an Extension – true or false?

Just ask any realtor, building contractor or home appraiser and they’ll tell you out right that adding square footage to a home by way of an addition is not cost effective.

That is that the money that gets invested in it will be more than the net increase in value of a home that the square footage adds.

So in financial terms it’s a losing proposition. For starters the existing structure has to be torn into, so there’s demolition and repair work beyond the actual work on the addition that runs up the cost, and then things like tying into an existing roof can add tens of thousands onto the cost of a remodeling job.

Garden Conservatory

Today however, there’s the option of going with a garden conservatory. An option that sidesteps so many of the costly aspects that work to make a home edition as expensive as it is. So this brings us to the first big benefit of opting for a garden conservatory over an extension job to add square footage to a home.

How Much Does a Lean To Conservatory Cost?

Simply put it is cost effective, so going down this route means that you don’t have to watch money just go down the drain, but there’s still more benefits that have increasingly more homeowners choosing a garden conservatory option. Benefits like more flexibility with regards to where you can locate it. That is that you can have your garden conservatory placed anywhere on your property while on the other hand with an extension on a building you’re limited to where you can add onto it.

A garden conservatory may not require excavated footings and building foundations either which is a huge plus and a big money saver as well. For example, you can use a concrete slab or a steel base.

This means that you’re not subject to the same permit process either. It’s also a much faster construction process which means you won’t be stuck with your home torn apart and construction workers wandering around inside of it for months on end.

  • The whole project can mostly be done and over with, including interior finishes work, in as little time as a week or 10 days.

You see, too many people fail to take into account the amount of actual time that a major home improvement project can take, and a year is not unusual. A year out of your life that can be better spent doing other things besides overseeing a construction project that in the end you won’t be making any profit on. So not only is a garden office faster but it’s also far less stressful as well.

One last thing to consider is that if you’re looking to improve your property and make it a better place to live than perhaps the best place to focus on isn’t on your home but rather out in your yard.

Take a look around your yard and chances are it could use an improvement far more than your home and a garden conservatory can be just the upgrade that’s needed to add value to your home, and make the days and evenings that you spend their more enjoyable.

To get a better idea of the types of conservatories and how much they cost, it will be worth it to look at this website:

Why is a Garden Conservatory Better Than an Extension?